I am a Personal Chef, and Nerium International Brand Partner.

Hello Folks,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still offering personal chef, catering, private dinner parties and cooking classes. I have added the Nerium AD, Better Than Botox, product to my business as well. In my opinion they go hand in hand for most of my clients who are wanting healthy menu options, trying to stay fit, and trying to look younger. The good thing about Nerium AD it does not discriminate on your meal selections, or your fitness routine, it just attacks fine lines, wrinkles, un-even skin and sun damaged skin.

I have spent the year of 2012 really focusing on my health, and becoming fit. It has been a great life change for me, and I honestly have never felt better physically.  I have been working out, watching what I eat, and I have lost 35 pounds so far. During that time being a woman in my mid 40’s, I started to see some fine lines, wrinkles, and sun-damage from being in the sun, I am a Texan after all. So, I found a product from a Texas based company that I have included in my routine of a healthy, better looking me, for 2012.  I tried Nerium AD, and it actually works, really well!

I am one of those who is very skeptical until I have seen it with my own eyes to believe it. I got a free sample from a Nerium rep. I tried the product, and much to my surprise the product was making my face softer, and my fine lines diminish in a very short time. I used all of my sample, I needed and wanted more! I made a decision to become a Brand Partner to offer this incredible product to others, because I believed in it so much because I saw the results of what it was doing for me.

I am still loving the fact that I am a chef, and I can develop great recipes, and offer a really great service to my clients, and future clients. I still offer all of the mentioned food services, healthy and comfort foods, meal delivery or personal chef services at your home or location. I am happy to say that I am much healthier, happier, and now younger looking!

If you have any questions about Nerium AD, Better Than Botox please feel free to contact me. 512-246-8158, or at my email chefshelleypogue@yahoo.com. Make sure you put your inquiry in the subject line. I have people wanting personal chef, catering, and now Nerium , and I want to make sure that I get you the best information as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Shelley Pogue
http://shelleypogue.com or http://better_than_botox.nerium.com  for Nerium AD
http://chefshelleypogue.com  Personal Chef, Catering, Private Parties, Cooking Instruction
my blog: http://betterthanbotoxneriumad.wordpress.com/ Information about Nerium


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