Key Lime Margarita Pie Recipe By Chef Shelley Pogue

have made this pie with regular lime juice and it is great. I have
found another trick to make this recipe even better, by using key limes.
You can find them at most grocery stores year round depending on which
state you live in. However, if they are not available year round you can
still use the regular limes and it will be a good recipe still. I have
found if there is an item that I need if I ask the manager of the fruit
and vegetable department they can sometimes bring in the items I need.

Ingredients you will need:


1 1/4 cups of fine crushed Graham Crackers

1/2 cup of butter, melted

1/4 cup of sugar


14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk

1-2 teaspoons of lime zest – grated lime peel- use a zest-er if you have one

1/2 cup of key lime juice, regular will work if key limes are not available to you

ounces of sweetened whipped heavy cream(add 3 teaspoons of sugar to the
heavy cream), or cool whip topping, or another brand if you prefer. I
use sweetened heavy cream and whip it into soft peaks. You can make this
by using a whisk, a mixing bowl, and the heavy cream. Using the whisk
briskly until you pull out the whisk fro the bowl, and there are what
appear to be small mountains on it. Be careful not to whip to mush, as
it will turn into butter.

Pie crust: First things first, we are
going to make the crust for the Key Lime Margarita Pie. You will need
two mixing bowls for making this recipe. In the first bowl the
ingredients for the crusts are going into this bowl. You will combine
all of the ingredients in the bowl, and incorporate all of the butter
and sugar into the crushed Graham crackers. Make sure that it is mixed
very well. You will then take your well mixed crust and add it to your
9″ pie tin, and press down onto the bottom, and up the sides, too. Make
sure it is even in the pie tin, to ensure even cooking.

Filling: This is where your second mixing bowl comes in. First you will
need to use your zest-er and get 1-2 teaspoons of your lime zest. You
can make more zest than needed for garnish after your pie is completed.
Second you will cut up your key limes and juice them. Then you will need
to add your condensed milk, lime juice, and zest and mix. You will then
add your whipped heavy cream or, cool whip topping. You will need to
fold this in gently. After it is mixed well you will add all of the
mixture into the graham cracker crust pie tin. You will need to
refrigerate this pie until it is completely chilled. Depending on your
refrigerator it could take 1-2 hours.

If you are feeling like you
want to add a little flare and you have a pipe bag, and a tip. You can
pipe out some whipped cream in a design around your Margarita pie, and
add some lime zest to make it look very elegant. It will be fine without
the extra whipped cream, and you can just add some lime zest to each
piece before you serve it. I hope that you enjoy this tart, but sweet
recipe. Enjoy!


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