Quick Marinated Citrus-Ginger Flank Steak

Ingredients you will need:

2 pounds of flank steak about an inch thick

3 Tablespoons of fresh lime juice, and 1/8 tsp lime zest

3 Tablespoons of an Asian style hot mustard

1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce

1 Tablespoon of soy sauce you can use the light if you prefer

1 Tablespoon if hoisin sauce

2 teaspoons of fresh garlic

2 teaspoons of fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon of coarse black pepper

1/8 tsp of Chinese 5 spice if you have it.

just a pinch of salt, I know that there is soy in here and
Worcestershire but just a little pinch of salt is needed. It will
enhance all other flavors trust me.

** You can omit the Chinese 5 spice if you choose too. Some people do
not like this powder. I love it, this spice will give it a nice
aromatic flavor. So, if you have not tried it you might want to give it a
go, if you are unfamiliar with this powder it is used in a lot of
different Asian dishes, You have probably had it before, and not knowing
that it is an ingredient in one of your favorite dishes.


Add all ingredients to a bowl whisk until the marinade is smooth and
looks like a marinade/salad dressing consistency. You will then make
sure you flank steak is clean, and dry. You will add the flank steak to a
pan you can fit in your fridge and will hold the steak and all of the
marinade without over flowing. Add half of the marinade to one side turn
it over and pour the rest on the other. Make sure that all of the flank
steak is covered. Cover and chill for an hour st minimum. If you have a
lot going on that afternoon, and leave it longer that is okay, but
remember there is citrus in the marinade.

If you are going to want to eat your flank steak as a meal or with
guest and are on a time schedule? I recommend that about 45 minutes into
the marinating process of your flank steak starting your grill. I
prefer charcoal but you can use gas too. If you are cooking on a gas
grill you will cook covered. If you are using a charcoal grill you will
not close the lid.

In my opinion the only way yo cook flank steak is Medium Rare: Cook
for about 10 minutes turning 1 time at 5 minutes and then cooking the
rest of the way, pull let rest for 5 minutes or so uncovered, cut into
thin slices across the grain and serve.

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Thank you,

Chef Shelley Pogue, C.C. 

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