Paleo Diet, Will it work for you?



It is very hard to stay on any diet, much less stick to a lifestyle change and daily intake of a healthy foods. Bad foods are like a bad habit, and of course bad habits are very hard to break! The Paleo Diet is called the hunter, or gatherer diet. If the cavemen did not have it available then you should not eat it with this type of diet plan. There are people on different sides of the issue saying that the people from that time did not make it past their 30’s and that the diet was not sustaining so this type of diet is bad for you. However they had no medical treatment and we do not have accurate records from that time to know why the life expectancy was so low during that period. So, this will have to be something you will have to decide for yourself.

In my opinion this would be a great, changing your diet and eating habits to cut out processed foods, refined sugars and all foods that are toxic for your body. If you have a diet that consists of low carbs, healthy fats, lean proteins, nuts and veggies, that seems pretty healthy to me. There were no saturated fats, or processed foods or sugars in that time period and I assume that they were probably healthier for it. I am sure that if we omit those items in most diets today we would see a decrease in type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diet related diseases. I am sure that Dr Oz would probably agree on that one….

I am definitely going to do more research on this diet, I have a few clients that are on this diet and they are doing some body sculpting and trying to eat as healthy as possible. I too am going to try this and see if it will help me reduce body fat and hopefully help me out with allergies here in Central Texas. They have been really awful this year and I am wondering if some of that is diet related. I have been drinking tea and using local honey and that has not been very successful so I am willing to try anything at this point.

This diet consists of lean grass fed or wild caught fish or game, brown rice, quinoa and organic vegetables and some nuts, and seeds. I am also using coconut oil, and grape seed oils to cook with. I am going to try and also eat 5-6 times a day to keep my metabolism up and to stave of cravings of foods that would be toxic, like a candy bar, or pizza. If you decide to try this I am sure you will have to individualize what will suit your needs.  Here are a few sites that if you are interested in a Paleo Diet or getting more info

Bread Recipes :

Connect with other foodies at:

If you are interested in starting or are on this diet already please let me know how this is working out for you? I am always interested in gaining more information or knowledge about people and their diet. Have a great day!


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