Hiring a Private Chef, Personal Chef or Chef, what is the difference?

Aren’t they all the same? As a Culinary Professional I have been contacted to cook for special occasions, personal chef, private dinner party chef, weddings, weekly meal service etc. I have been asked by many clients, as well as potential ones, do I offer certain, or specific services? In my opinion they all fall under the same category, I am a chef and I will do whatever it takes to meet the individual needs for any event regardless of what the individual wants to specify “IT” as. Being a professional chef I am willing to go that extra mile and provide services that are specific to an individual or groups needs, that is what makes the event special and memorable. I am sure that there are many others in this industry that absolutely feel the same way.

 I feel that many chefs that get into the private or personal chef sector are all about customer service and making the people feel really special. I know that is the type of service that I try to implement for anyone that has used my services. So call it po-ta-to or po-tah-to….It is all the same to me 🙂

Chef Shelley Pogue



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