Citrus Aromatherapy Body Scrub

Personal Chef Austin Texas

Salt Scrub Ingredients
I have used many different salt or sugar scrubs to remove dry skin, and that invigorating feeling after a good scrub is wonderful. I have seen many different brands in different stores around such as Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and to me they are a little expensive for what they are, so I have decide to make my own. I have different essential oils and being a chef I certainly have all different types of cooking oils, sugar and salt, in my pantry.

So, I woke up early on Saturday morning and it was raining outside and I was feeling like I wanted to soak in a nice bath, but of course I have no salt scrub just some bath salt. I decided to make my own and that is how I have came up with this particular body scrub.

2 C Sugar
2 C Coarse Salt
1/2 C of Coconut Oil
1/2 Olive Oil
30 drops of Orange “Now” Essential Oils
20 drops of Lemon “Now” Essential Oils
10 drops of Lavender “Now” Essential Oils
5 drops of Eucalyptus “Now” Essential Oils

: Mix all in large container to make sure the all of the oils are incorporated with the sugar and salt. Put into a storage container. I have them in small Ball canning jars so I can gift some to my friends. The aromatherapy alone from this salt is going to be very relaxing!
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