Protein Sources are You Getting Enough

Are you getting enough protein? I know sometimes I get on the junk food train and I have a hard time getting off of it. If I start eating a whole lot of carbs my body craves them and it is hard to stop. I know that if I am eating well and have a more balanced protein intake and less carb intake I feel less hungry and when on a steady workout regime I start to shed the pounds. I have ran across a few charts that will help you with items that will add more protein to your diet without just adding a meat source. All carbs are not bad either you just need to pick and choose the right ones, not the fast or easy to grab items like fast food chains, chips, candy bars or ice cream!

Sources For Veggie Protein
Foods Highest in Protein

It is amazing if you are eating the right foods how much better you feel and how much more food you can actually have to eat to satisfy hunger pangs. Amazingly enough as well you will not be as hungry when eating the right foods either. For snack purposes you can always grab some almonds which are a good source of protein and will help with hunger and a great in-between meal snack!

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