Substitution Chart Greek Yogurt for Fats

Substitute Greek Yogurt for Fats
By Chef Shelley Pogue,
Personal Chef Services Austin Texas

Have you ever considered substituting butter, mayonnaise, oils or sour cream? Here is a chart that will help you out on the conversion process if you are trying to cut some fat in your diet. It makes it pretty easy and is a guide but you can definitely try more substitutions on your own. Have fun with it and let your taste buds be your guide and decide on your recipes!

I have been trying to cook healthier for some time now. I have made quite a few recipes in the past that use sour cream, some cakes I have used for oil substitute, and for tacos replaced sour cream with Greek yogurt ( No one knew!) I have even tried the low fat sour cream from time to time for different things, but I have found out that Greek yogurt is a great replacement for sour cream in most recipes, so I have started converting many of them. I have used it in casseroles, aiolis, cakes and dips in lieu of sour cream. If you have not tried this as a substitute you should give it a go sometime it will definitely be an eye opener on the calorie exchange, and the taste is not very different, so most will not even notice.

Chobani Greek Yougurst Substitute

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