Texas Style Citrus Hydration Water

Deep South Hydration Water http://deepsouthremedies.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/77/
Deep South Detox Water
I know that there are many different types of detox waters out there that claim to help with weight loss or a flat belly. I am definitely an advocate of exercise, eating right and taking care of our bodies. I have seen many recipes that are out there that seem like they might be pretty good but I think that I am going to do this one better. I am combining the two ideas, I am not claiming that you will have a flat belly or that you will lose weight. But if you work out regularly and practice good eating habits you will find this drink very refreshing, and you should have a somewhat flat belly anyway! Great for quenching thirst after a good workout or after being out in that Texas heat.

I have some really good Indian friends that are like my family and when we work outside during the hot summer Mom always makes us something that tastes similar to Gatorade and I call it Indian-Aid!!! In the Texas sun you will dehydrate faster than a New York minute. It does not require very many ingredients and it is absolutely delicious! I think that Gatorade stole the idea from the Indian People, because it tastes very similar and does the same thing. Granted it does taste a little different when they add cumin and coriander but still absolutely delicious and I crave it, and look forward to Mom making it….Ready for Summer!

I have modified Moms original recipe from 5-6 ingredients to what is listed below. The original is still very good and I sometimes prefer it but I like to try different things and play with recipes that is what makes life interesting.

Very simple ingredient list:
4 Quarts Water
12 Fresh Large Lemons squeezed You can save 2 and cut into slices for aesthetics
6-8 cucumber slices
3-4 Tablespoons of Sugar or to taste. It is to be sweet but not a sugary drink
1-2 teaspoons of Salt
1-2 teaspoons of Cumin
1 teaspoon of Coriander
8-10 mint sprigs crushed/bruised to release oil

Make the night before you want to use and let sit in the fridge over night so all of the ingredients will macerate and bloom together. It is great for hydration and will be very refreshing for whatever activity you decide. Enjoy!!!

**I have always wanted to try fresh cilantro and limes just to see if that would be good? Anyone who does please get back to me please with feedback. This might actually make a good base for Texas Style/Flavor Margaritas if you decrease the water, add a little more sugar and some limes and remove the cucumber. Also might make a good Mojito if you increase the mint, and remove the cumin and coriander.
I can tell you from experience that this water is very refreshing, and I love it, hopefully you will too. I have modified it many different times to include ginger, and more mint for kick, and that is not bad either. Modify it to your tastes that is what food, and drinks are all about!



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