Red Solo Cup, I fill You Up, Measurement Guide

Personal Chef Austin Texas

Solo Cup Measurement

I have been asked again and again about this post so I wanted to Re-Post it. I guess it is really good information and Solo Sups can be used for so many different things from drinking out of them, using them to paint with, etc…. Toby Keith had no idea what he was doing when he came up with the song Red Solo Cup. He made the cup oh so popular and then of course it was cool to have one in hand. I came across some good info and wanted to share it with everyone else because it just might come in real handy!

“Red Solo Measuring Cup”. I guess this will come in very useful with Graduation parties etc. If you are having a get together for any size group and do not want to do the dishes you will more than likely use a Solo cup. What most people do not know is that you can actually use this cup and it has forms of measurements that can be used for many different drinks. Enjoy…Cheers #TheTexasFoodNetwork #TheAustinTexasPersonalChef #TexasRecipes #TheTexasFoodies @chefshellp @shelley_pogue


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